Influence of the Tohoku Earthquake

We greatly thank everyone for their concern for Elm Technology.

We would like to explain our situation.

Elm Technology has not suffered any direct damage from the Tohoku Earthquake.
However, we still have several problems that will affect our customers.

1. Contacting Us

Due to the damage to the Kanto region electric infrastructure,
many areas of East Japan have started scheduled blackouts.

Our Head Office(Tokyo Shinjuku-ku) will not be affected by these scheduled blackouts.
Therefore, our customers will be able to contact us by phone and FAX as usual.

Although, Our Web Site(This Web Site) and our E-mail server may shutdown when these blackout occurs.
We are arranging our servers to deal with this problem,
but until the arrangement is finished, our Web Site might be temporary unavailable for a period of time,
and our E-mails might take a extra few days to be delivered.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. Product Shipment

Our onshore outsourcee's factory has been damaged by the Tohoku Earthquake.
The direct damage is slight, but due to the unstable electricity supply, the production has stopped.
The electric infrastructure is hastening to restore service, but it is hard to determine when the production will restart.
Depending on circumstances, this might affect the production and shipment of our products.

We are working to keep the influence to our customers as minimum as possible.
For further information about the production of each product, please contact us via phone or E-mail.
Contact us

Mar. 22. 2011
ELM Technology Corporation