Business overview

As a semiconductor company, ELM Technology Corporation has been involved in this industry for over 20 years with the rapidly digitalized globalization. As IT products grows smaller and lighter, analog semiconductor plays an essential role in this progression. With our own products, ELM Technology Corporation provides market with various high-standard products to satisfy different needs.

ELM products are characterized by its high quality, originality, and low power consumption.

ELM Technology Corporation provides our customers with high quality semiconductors, and this mission will be continued by developing more new products in the future.

The headquarter of ELM Technology Corporation is located in Tokyo; in Okinawa, Japan, we have ELM Technology Center. In foreign areas, we have a business partner in Taiwan-ELM HITECH and an affiliated company in Korea-ELM Korea. ELM Technology Corporation designs, develops and sales various semiconductors which can be applied for portable products, AV products, PC peripherals and etc. We also provide customers with customized ICs.ELM products are distributed mainly through ELM and agents and our main markets are in Taiwan, Korea and China.

ELM works on providing products with better characteristics and will continue doing this hereafter.