ELM45L58xABipolar Dual operational amplifier

ELM45L58xA is a dual bipolar op-amp using 4558 type circuit structure with improved low voltage operation and low power consumption. 1.0Vp-p output voltage swing is possible at ±1.5V power supply operation. Power current is 1.5mA(typ.). Maximun operating voltage is ±8V. GB product is 3MHz same as typical 4558 op-amp. ELM45L58 is assembled in SOP-8 and TSOT-28 small packages for small footprint.

4558 Compatible operational amplifier
Low voltage operation16.0V to 3.0V
(±8V to ±1.5V)
Constant current operationTyp.1.5mA
Unity gain bandwidthTyp.3MHz
Battery-operated portable devices
Measurement equipment
Low voltage analog circuit

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Power supply voltageVcc18V
Input voltageVin18V
Differential input voltageVid±18V
Power dissipationPd300mW
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +125°C