Product Notes

While designing

  1. It is possible that semiconductors will have incorrect action or breakdown by accident. While designing with ELM Technology products, please make sure that the safety of machine would not be influenced by possible incorrect action or breakdown.
  2. ELM Technology does not recommend users to apply our products to devices or systems which require especially high reliability (such as space shuttle, combustion controller, atomic energy controller, medical equipments with life maintenance devices, other safety devices, etc.).Please contact ELM Technology before using if the product is designed for above-mentioned purposes.

While handling products

  1. In order to avoid static buildup, please be sure that working table or floor is grounded.
  2. Please wear anti-static clothes, shoes and grounding belt (500kΩ to 1MΩ) while working.
  3. Please make sure testing machines and all other devices are grounded.


  1. Please store products under the condition that temperature (5 to 35°C) and humidity (45 to 75%) are controlled.
  2. Please store products in place where change of temperature is small to avoid influence from sudden temperature change.
  3. Please keep products away from places where corrosive gas may exist or is dusty.

Reflow process condition

  • To assure reliability, ELM Technology suggests following temperature profile(Products not specifically listed in the datasheet).:
      reflow process