ELMPD01B Large area silicon photo diode and module

ELMPD01B is a photo sensor detecting 450nm to 1050nm wave length. It is a module containing large area silicon photo diodes assembled on a PCB. This products are designed based on customer requirement with any PCB size, selected single or multiple photo diodes and any necessary chip size. Wave length sensitivity is enhanced by 1/4 anti reflection layer on a silicon chip. Center wave length is also selected.

COB type
Chip size20mmx6.5mm
chips common cathode
Laser beam optical axis adjustment
Position detection
Optical switch

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Maximum reverse voltageVr15V
Maximum forward currentIf100mA
Operating temperature rangeTop-20 to +80°C
Storage temperature rangeTstg-20 to +80°C

Spectral sensitivity characteristics