ELM842xC140μA Low power class-A output CMOS operational amplifier

ELM842xC is a low current consumption-Typ.140μA CMOS OP-AMP provided with a wide common mode input voltage range. It has a quasi rail-to-rail input stage and a class-A rail-to-rail output stage. ELM842xC can operate down to 1.2V. ELM842xC is suitable for portable devices which require low power and a single voltage source.

Operation from a single power source
Low voltage operation1.2V<=Vdd<=6.0V
Low current consumptionTyp.130µA(Vdd=1.5V)
N-channel depletion differential inputNo gm dependence on input operating points
Common-mode input voltage rangeQuasi rail-to-rail input
0.08V to Vdd-0.05V(Vdd=1.5V)
0.04V to Vdd-0.1V(Vdd=3.0V)
Output stage90μA Class-A rail-to-rail output
Unity gain bandwidthTyp.1MHz(Vdd≥1.5V)
Battery-operated portable devices
Micropower signal process
Low voltage analog circuit

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Power supply voltageVdd7.0V
Input voltageVinVss-0.3 to Vdd+0.3V
Output voltageVoutVss-0.3 to Vdd+0.3V
Output short circuitContinuousSec.
Power dissipationPd300 (SOT-25)
150 (SC-70-5(SOT-353))
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +125°C