ELM900xCMOS White LED flashlight driver

ELM900x is CMOS white LED flashlight driver. This series can drive two series connected white LED by 1.5V to 3.0V input voltage. ELM900 series uses an external inductor as voltage booster and consists of an oscillator circuit and a driving transistor. The input DC power is transformed to constant current pulse when the external inductor is switched on and repeatly at the frequency : 35kHz, 55kHz.

Low noise35kHz, 55kHz
Constant average power control
High efficiency
White LED flashlight
Laser pointer
LCD backlighting

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Power supply voltage (Vdd-Vss)Vdd12V
LX voltage (LX-Vss)Vlx12V
LX currentIlx200mA
Power dissipationPd500mW
Operating temperatureTop-20 to +70°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +125°C

Block diagram