ELM901FxA1A 2x Charge Pump LED Driver

ELM901FxA is a high current LED driver with internal automatic mode switch pump circuit of pass-through mode (1x mode) and boost charge mode (2x mode) and constant current drive circuit; maximum output current of ELM901 series can reach 1A.
ELM901 series is ideally suited for high luminosity white LED electrical applications which are powered by 1-cell lithium-ion/polymer battery.
The required external parts of ELM901 series can be limited to the minimum of 3 capacitors and 3 programming resistors. With 4mm x 4mm & 3mm x 3mm QFN package, ELM901 series is possible to be assembled within limited space.
The sink current, which can be switched to 3 different kinds by enable signal during operation,of LED pin is set by external programming resistors. For LED protection, it is possible to set high current lighting timer with external resistor; the light will be turned off forcibly by timer (3 options among 0.2 sec. to 1 sec.).
Built-in soft-start circuitry makes ELM901 series be able to limit excessive power during start-up and switch of 1x & 2x mode.

Operation voltage2.6 to 4.4V
Current consumption300µA(1x), 9mA(2x)
Standby currentMax 1µA
Output currentMax 1A
LED protectionhigh current lightening timer
Internal LED constant current circuitexternal resistance program
Soft-startLED current start and switch of 1x & 2 x mode
Thermal protection150°C
QFN16-3x3(under development)
Camera light supply
High luminosity LED flashlight

Absolute Maximum Ratings

VIN voltageVinGND-0.3 to 6V
VO voltageVoGND-0.3 to 6V
EN1,EN2 voltageVenGND-0.3 to Vin+0.3V
VO current, LED currentIo, Iled1500(*)mA
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-40 to +125°C
  • * Based on long-term current denslty limitations. Assumes an operating duty cycle of ≤ 10% under absolute maximum conditions for durations less than 10 seconds. Max current for continuous operation is 600mA.

Block diagram