ELM7C379330xxA CMOS voltage detector with dual input watchdog timer

ELM7C3793 series is an integrated circuit to monitor power voltage; it incorporates a watchdog timer. A reset signal is output when the power is cut or falls abruptly. When the power recovers normally after resetting, a power-on reset signal is output to microprocessor units (MPUs). An internal watchdog timer with two inputs for system operation diagnosis can provide a fail-safe function for various application systems.

Detection voltage with hysteresis function.
Integrated dual input watchdog timer.
Watchdog timer with stop function(inhibit pin).
Independent setting on watchdog monitoring time and reset time.
Detect accurate
supply voltage drop
Low current consumptionTyp.31µV
PackageSOP-8 208mil
SOP-8 150mil
Reset for Microprocessor, etc.
Power voltage monitoring IC (Reset IC) ELM 7C series)
This product is alternative parts that “C” company have discontinued a selling.Please contact us once, if you have trouble with parts procurement.
In addition, since ELM7C377142Px/ELM7C377342PA is new product developed in-house, the power consumption is a quarter of the conventional product.
We have begun accepting sample requests since February 2018. Please feel free to contact us. Mass production is planned from September 2018

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Power supplyVcc6.5V
Input voltage:CK1 Vck1Vss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3V
Input voltage:CK2 Vck2Vss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3V
Input voltage:INH VinhVss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3V
Reset output voltage (RESET_B)Voh,VolVss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3V
Reset output current (RESET_B)Ioh, Iol-10 to 10mA
Power dissipationPd300mW
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +125°C

Block diagram