ELM86xxxxBxACMOS Dual 400mA LDO Regulator

ELM86xxxxBxA is dual CMOS Voltage Regulator which consists of 2 large current LDOs. With the chip enable function of each channel, it is possible to control on/off independently. This chip enable control is managed by positive logic. The standby current is designed to be Typ.0.1μA. ELM86 series is available only in SOT-26 PKG, while the output voltage is fixed within the range of 1.2 to 4.0V. The internal short protection function will limit output current when VOUT pin is in short condition; meanwhile, thermal protection circuit will shut off the output voltage and current when an unusual high chip temperature is detected.

Output voltage range1.2V to 4.0V(by 0.1V)
Stand by current consumptionTyp.0.1µA
Current consumptionTyp.25µA
Input stabilityTyp.0.02%/V(Iout=40mA)
Load stabilityTyp.5mV(1mA<=Iout<=100mA)
Accuracy of output voltage±2.0%(Vout>1.5V), ±30mV(Vout<=1.5V)
Input/Output voltage differentialTyp.120mV(Vout=3.0V, Iout=100mA)
Short circuit current limiterTyp.40mA(Vout=0V)
Thermal shutdown protectionTyp.165°C
Portable electronics
Wireless devices
Cell phones
Battery-operated devices

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Input voltageVinVss-0.3 to 10.0V
CE1, CE2 Input voltageVceVss-0.3 to Vin+0.3V
Vout1, Vout2 voltageVoutVss-0.3 to Vin+0.3V
Output current Iout1+Iout2Iout800mA
Power dissipationPd300mW
Thermal resistance junction to ambientRθja400°C/W
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +125°C

Block diagram