ELM7C377142xA CMOS voltage detector, 2 channels, 18V operation, reset hold by ext.C

ELM7C377142xA is a 18V operation CMOS voltage detector for independent 2 lines power monitoring. It detects abnormalities such as power supply voltage interruptions or drops, and generates a reset signal. In addition to the 5V power supply line, VSB input can work for the another power supply line detection, and a reset signal is holded some period determined by an exterral capacitor.

Detection voltage with hysteresis function.
A reference voltage output capability.
Minimal external parts(one capacitor).
Over voltage detector.
Accurate voltage detection4.2V±2.5%
Detection voltage adjustable
with 2 external resistors
Monitoring of two power supply lines+5 and an arbitrary voltage
Low voltage reset signal holdingTyp.0.8V
Low power dissipation Typ.65µA(Vcc=5V)
PackageSOP-8 150mil
SOP-8 208mil
Reset for Microprocessor, etc.
Power voltage monitoring IC (Reset IC) ELM 7C series
This product is alternative parts that “C” company have discontinued a selling.Please contact us once, if you have trouble with parts procurement.
In addition, since ELM7C377142xA/ELM7C377342xA is new product developed in-house, the power consumption is a quarter of the conventional product.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Power supplyVcc20V
Input voltageVsaVss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3(<+8.00)V
Input voltageVsb
Vss-0.3 to +8.0V
RESET_B Output voltageVohVss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3(<+5.5)V
OUTC Output voltageVohVss-0.3 to Vcc+0.3(<+5.5)V
Power dissipationPd680(SOP-8)
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +150°C

Block diagram