ELM87xxxxA 1μA Low power consumption CMOS 300mA V/R

ELM87xxxxA is CMOS voltage regulator which is characterized with low current consumption and low dropout. ELM87 series provides high output current of 300mA while the consumption current is comparatively low, which is Typ.1.0μA. There are 2 types of CE selection for ELM87 series: non-chip enable function and “H” active. The standard output voltages are 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 5.0V; ELM87 series can also be designed as a semi-custom IC within the range of 1.5V to 5.0V by 0.1V step. Thermal shutdown protection and short-circuit current limiter are included in the IC. Ceramic condenser with low ESR can be used as input and output ones.

Output voltage range1.5V to 5.0V(by 0.1V)
Maximum output current200mA(1.5V to 3.9V),
300mA(4.0V to 5.0V)
Current consumptionTyp.1µA
Standby current consumptionTyp.0.1µA
Input stabilityTyp.0.05%/V
Load stabilityTyp.10mV(1mA<=Iout<=100mA)
Accuracy of output voltage±2.0%
Input/Output voltage differentialTyp.125mV(Vout=3.0V, Iout=100mA)
Short circuit current limiterTyp.50mA(Vout=0V)
Thermal shutdown protectionTyp.160°C
Chip enable pin“H” active (ELM87xx3xA)
Package SOT-89, SOT-89-5
SOT-23, SOT-25
Cell phones
Battery operated devices
Wireless devices
Portable AV equipments

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Input voltageVinVss-0.3 to 7.0V
CE Input voltageVceVss-0.3 to Vin+0.3V
Output voltageVoutVss-0.3 to Vin+0.3V
Output currentIout600mA
Power dissipation
PdSOT-89 (500(*1), 1000(*2))
SOT-89-5 (500(*1), 1000(*2))
SOT-23 (250(*1), 500(*2))
SOT-25 (250(*1), 600(*2))
SC-70-5 (150(*1), 400(*2))
Operating temperatureTop-40 to +85°C
Storage temperatureTstg-55 to +125°C
  • * 1. No mounted, IC alone.
    * 2. When mounted on glass epoxy 2-layers PCB (EIJ/JEDEC standard size: 76.2 mm×114.3 mm×1.6 mm), Cu thickness 35 μm, copper foil area ratio 20% on the front side, back side 100% .

Block diagram